Why Do You Need Workflow Automation For Your Tour Operator Business Processes?

When workflows, your team can direct their energy to tasks that matter. As a result, they spend less time on drawn-out processes and more time on their actual work. What Is Workflow Automation? Workflow Automation is defined as the design, creation, deployment and automation of business processes based upon preset rules where work tasks are […]

Introducing Hajj and Booking Omrah Software

When a year, Muslims of each ethnic gather, shading, economic well-being, and culture assemble in Mecca and remain before the Kaaba commending Allah together. It is a custom that is intended to advance the obligations of Islamic fellowship and sisterhood by demonstrating that everybody is equivalent according to Allah. What is Hajj and Umrah?  The […]

Best B2B Travel web portals for Flights, Hotels and Travel visas in 2022

B2B Travel web portal

What is a B2B Travel Portal? B2B Travel Portal is a business-to-business model of the online travel portal. This type of travel web portal allows a large or consolidator travel agent to offer online B2B travel services to Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and Online Travel Portals. It allows a growing travel agency to increase its […]

Last Day of Arabian Travel Market 2022: Unveiling A Future Roadmap For The Industry

ATM 2022

Arabian Travel Week (ATM) 2022 plays an integral role in providing a networking opportunity for the travel and tourism industry, which will feature exhibitions, conferences, breakfast briefings, awards, product launches and networking events. To know more about Arabian Travel Market here. The Location of the event is the precise one for the event in the […]

Arabian Travel Market 2022: Discover The World Of Opportunities

Arabian Travel Market ATM 2022

What Is Arabian Travel Market? Arabian Travel Market 2022 is the market-leading, international travel and tourism event unlocking business potential within the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. Tourism destinations from around the world will showcase their brand and exhibit at the show. One gets to witness the biggest names in accommodation, travel […]

6 dos and don’ts of successful loyalty programs

Loyalty programs can be an effective way to reward regular customers, drive repeat business and deliver great customer service. It’s important for retailers to ensure they are getting the most out of loyalty programs All programs are not created equally, however, which is why it’s important for retailers to ensure they are getting the most […]

5 Challenges of Online Travel Booking System At Present

The Online Travel Booking and Hotel Reservation Industry are booming and people are relying more and more on the internet to book their flights and hotels. The travel industry has its own set of challenges too. Let’s walk through the challenges faced and see how to overcome the challenges, establish a profitable booking system & […]

10 Quotes From The Travel Industry To Inspire You In Travelling

Here are 10 quotes from the travel industry to inspire you in travelling more for your corporate travels. 1. “The leisure traveller is buying a destination. The business traveller is buying the journey. The fun side is leisure travel, but corporate is where most companies, like mine, are going to make most of their money.”–Dave […]

Online Travel Industry set to reach $765.3 billion

Online Travel Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit travel businesses hard, interrupting operations, inducing low consumer demand, and creating additional costs. It has prompted the need for travel and tourism companies to rapidly invest in digital strategies including the global Online Travel Industry which is expected to grow rapidly. Consumer behaviour has changed with customers now more likely […]

Travelling To Abu Dhabi? Travel Checklist During Covid19 Pandemic

Travelling to Abu Dhabi

Find everything you need to know before Travelling to Abu Dhabi, including testing, transit and quarantine information. Here is your simple checklist for travel, and you can find answers to frequently asked questions below.  Travelling to Abu Dhabi and you are vaccinated Check whether your destination of origin is on Abu Dhabi’s Green List of countries. Travellers will face […]