17 Must-Have Features In A Travel Management System

Travel Management System

Travel management solution is used to plan, organize, book, tracking business/ official trips. After that analyze the business trips. It’s crucial to make sure that the travel management system that you choose has the features that your business needs. It is needed to get the travel expenses consolidated. To check how much expenses are made and […]

Post COVID19 Travel Industry: How Travel & Tourism Companies Can Succeed

Post COVID19 Travel Industry

Post COVID19 Travel Industry: The travel and tourism industry should start preparing for an uncertain future. COVID-19 has provided the opportunity to rethink and improve approaches to help satisfy the needs of post-pandemic travellers. History has shown us that travel is one of the world’s most resilient industries in the Travel and tourism industry, we don’t […]

6 Essential Features of a Good Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking Sysem

A good hotel booking system will let you efficiently manage online reservations. The internet and the online world have made everything easier and more accessible, and booking a hotel room can be done from the comfort of your own home, with simple touches on your smartphone. When you automate your reservation with a reliable hotel booking engine […]

5 Benefits Of GDS For Hotels


GDS was invented a way to automate the travel reservation and booking process for travel agents so that they could more efficiently access information about flight schedules, fares and seat availability. Before this system, travel agents had to refer to lists of airline fares that were published annually in a book of tariffs each time […]

How Do I Start A Travel Agency In Oman?

Travel Agency in Oman

You are planning to start a travel agency in Oman. You need to be aware that the travel segment is tightly regulated in Oman, so if you are confused about how to open a travel agency in Oman whilst complying with the rules, specialist advice can save you costly headaches down the line. Even if […]

VAT in Bahrain: Impact on Travel & Tourism Industry

VAT in Bahrain

When Was VAT In Bahrain Introduced? VAT in Bahrain was introduced on 1 January 2019. The VAT in Bahrain rate is 5% and applies to most goods and services, with some goods and services subject to a 0% rate or an exemption from VAT. VAT in UAE is a general consumption tax that will be […]

Why Travel Agencies Should Adopt White Label Travel Solution?

White Label Travel Solution

The white label travel solution is a pre-built portal with all the services API integrated and can be rebranded in the travel agency’s company name. All it requires is for a travel agency is to provide the domain name, choose the home page theme, logo, and payment gateway credentials. They can also manage all their […]

Essential Tips For Complying With e-invoice in the UAE

E-invoice in UAE

The adoption of the e-invoice in UAE is picking up pace in the Region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have indicated plans to introduce E-Invoicing. VAT was introduced in the UAE on 1st January 2018. As per the VAT law, authorities recognizes digital or electronic invoicing as a valid model to generate and use invoices […]

VAT in UAE: Impact on Travel & Tourism Industry


Most Emirates impose a municipality tax on properties, mostly by reference to the annual rental value. It is generally the tenants’ obligation to pay the tax. In some cases, separate fees are payable by both tenants and property owners. For example, in the Emirate of Dubai, the municipality tax on the property is currently imposed […]

E-Invoice in Saudi Arabia: Essential Tips For Complying With e-invoice

e-invoice in Saudi Arabia

The implementation of e-invoice in Saudi Arabia will begin on 4 December 2021. After this, paper manual invoices will no longer be accepted. Phase 1 of the e-invoice in Saudi Arabia project will then begin. The taxpayer will have to generate the e-invoices with a compatible system. The e-invoice must contain information on the buyer’s tax […]