You are planning to start a travel agency in Oman. You need to be aware that the travel segment is tightly regulated in Oman, so if you are confused about how to open a travel agency in Oman whilst complying with the rules, specialist advice can save you costly headaches down the line.

Even if it might seem a lengthy procedure, opening a travel agency in Oman will bring many benefits to its owners. Among these, are substantial incomes and a great inbound and outbound market, as there are many travellers leaving & coming to Oman for their vacations at any given time.

Before we go further, you can have a look at tips before becoming a Travel Agent

Before starting the registration procedure for the company which will operate as a travel agency, you need to consider a few, but very important aspects of starting your travel agency in Oman:

  1. To register as a travel agent, applicants will need to lodge an application with the Ministry of Tourism.
  2. Applicants will need to complete the tourism license application form.
  3. The completed form must be submitted together with the following documents:
  4. A copy of the trade registration documents.
  5. A copy of the ID card or Passport.
  6. No testimony certificate from Royal Oman Police.
  7. A copy of the lease or ownership of the business land.
  8. A note certifies the director of the activity (minimum 5 years of experience).
  9. Approval on the proposed name for the trade registration.
  10. Pay the bank insurance and application fee.

Required Documents For Starting A Travel Agency in Oman

Fees For Starting A Travel Agency in Oman

Let’s examine those crucial steps to know how to start a travel agency in UAE

1. Establish your business activity

You will have to decide precisely what sort of travel company you want to operate; will you specialise as a travel agency business, an inbound tour operator or an outbound operator? There’s a wealth of activities to choose from across all the different markets you could serve.

2. Set up employee visas

Be sure to apply within 30 days of an employee’s entry into the country, at which point they will have received a tourist or visit visa. Register on the Ministry of Interior’s e-channels portal for staff entry permits (another name for a provisional 60-day employment visa). Once issued, employees can perform an ‘in-country status change’ to activate that entry permit, a crucial step to obtaining a full employment visa.

You will need your trade licence, passport copies, and establishment card – a service that files your company with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Remember, it’s also your responsibility to obtain ‘OK to Board’ approval prior to inbound travel for employees from the South Asia Subcontinent.

3. Open a corporate bank account

No bank will recognise your business without a trade licence, but select your bank wisely; a poor choice may come back to bite you. Most will require a continuous minimum balance, ranging from AED 1m right down to AED 5,000. In addition, some need proof of residency status for at least one shareholder whilst others don’t.

Ready to launch your travel agency in Oman?

Once you have finalized all the due process and registration start a travel agency in UAE. The next thing you would need is a Travel Booking Engine.

A Travel Booking Engine can help you do way more than just passively accept bookings and payments online. The booking engine has evolved to the point that it has become a central hub for managing every aspect of your business, from marketing to distribution to operations.

Here is a guide for you to refer to before choosing a travel booking engine

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