5 Data Backup Challenges For Companies

Data is a very important component during the age of computers.  When you lose data it can compromise a lot of important information, which often amounts to uncompromisable losses. Due to this companies have moved to innovative data backup solution from traditional data protection solutions to ensure a clean recovery for access during a crisis.

It can be highly sensitive customer data or sensitive business information, you never want to find out that a large chunk or even all of your data is gone. With the help of cybersecurity techniques and backup software, you can take the initiative to protect yourself before anything drastic happens.

There are various challenges that occur while backing up your data. The biggest data backup challenge is ensuring that backups occur on a timely, scheduled basis. This means confirming that backups are actually happening, as well as capturing the correct data. There are various other challenges that occur while backing up your data. 

Here are 5 leading backup and recovery challenges along with ways to address them. 

Determine The Exact Storage Space For Backup

Data Backup

Data growth is unpredictable. Many organizations can’t anticipate the growth in the amount of data they require to archive and thus end up having a data backup system with less capacity. If you purchase too much, you will lose money and waste resources. If you purchase too little, you will have nowhere to store data. 

Missing And Corrupted Data

Data Backup

Backup data can be corrupt for several reasons. The media device can get damaged due to poor handling or due to years of use. This can give you the error that essential files are either corrupted or missing, which makes it difficult to know when you created the last accurate backup.

Cyber Attack

Data Backup

Backup solutions are designed to protect your organization data, but sophisticated malware is now targeting your backup data. Their attacks enter a primary environment from an endpoint and head straight for your backups where 80 percent of enterprise data is now stored, deleting or compromising everything there before taking over the production environment. Preventing ransomware from succeeding in the first place starts with reducing your enterprise attack surface and knowing what data you have and where it is located.

Lack Of Expert Staff

Data Backup

When the only one who knows how to manage backups in your organization goes on vacation or leaves the organization. Who will make sure that all data is securely stored? No doubt the organization will run in storage space. 

Power Failures

Data Backup

Power outages are bad for your data. Sometimes you might feel that unexpected loss of power to your computer might pose a relatively low risk,but that’s not the case. When there is a power outage, it causes an unexpected shutdown of your server or system, which in turn takes its toll on the components of your computer. It can interrupt these delicate procedures rendering your computer inoperable.

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