Best B2B Travel web portals for Flights, Hotels and Travel visas in 2022

B2B Travel web portal

What is a B2B Travel Portal?

B2B Travel Portal is a business-to-business model of the online travel portal. This type of travel web portal allows a large or consolidator travel agent to offer online B2B travel services to Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and Online Travel Portals. It allows a growing travel agency to increase its customer base with minimal investment of having a b2b travel web portal.

Terminologies used in the world of B2B travel web portal

Travel Consolidator: A large travel agency sourcing services like Flights, Hotels, Travel Visas, etc from multiple sources. B2B Travel portals are owned and operated by Travel Business consolidators.

Sub Agency: A travel agency that is a customer or subscriber to B2B Travel portals.

Freelancers: An individual travel agent who operates independently and provides personalised services to Travelers.

Global distribution services: GDS for flights or hotels. For e.g Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport,, Hotelbed, Webbeds, etc

Why are B2B Travel Web Portal Important to the travel industry?

B2B in the travel industry plays a vital role in providing a single source for all Travel content to Freelancers, small agents and startup travel companies. A B2B Travel Portal is used by business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to create a better connection with other travel business owners. When you achieve a system that allows partners and sub-agents to fully manage and complete bookings online, you can easily boost your travel business to the next level. Therefore it is Win-Win formula where Travel Large agencies grow the business and their partners are able to close more deals using special and discounted prices received from the B2B travel web portal.

Why B2B Travel web portal is becoming successful in 2022?

  • They provide a single travel portal with access to worldwide flights from different travel systems like GDS, Low-cost carriers (LCC), Group bookings and charter flights.
  • Single source of payment for different types of travel services like flights, hotels, travel insurance, travel visas, rent a car, etc
  • For B2B Travel portal owners, it becomes very easy to expand their travel business to multiple cities or even multiple countries.
  • The type of travel portal offers special deals and group fares from flights, hotels, etc.
  • They are backed by large travel agencies that are generally reliable to do business with.
  • Working with the B2B Travel web portal allows Sub agents to buy services by paying an upfront deposit or paying by credit card for individual services.

What are the features of a successful b2b travel web portal?

  • Ability to connect and consolidate content from multiple GDS like Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.
  • Ability to connect directly with Low-Cost Carriers like Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Flynas, AlJazeera, Fly Baghdad, Airindia Express, Indigo, Spicejet, Airblue, Serenair, Pegasus, etc
  • Ability to capture and offer NDC Fares from Emirates, Gulfair, Etihad Airways, Saudi Airlines, Omanair, etc
  • Ability to offer Group fares and charter flights.
  • Ability to offer fares from multiple IATA
  • Ability to offer fares from multiple countries.
  • Ability to offer Hotels from leading hotel aggregators and bed banks providers like Webbeds, Hotelbeds, Relive, TBO, DOTW, Travco, Turico,, Restel, etc
  • Ability to offer Travel visa services for UAE, Turkey, Europe, USA, UK, etc
  • The ability for Travel Sub agent or subscriber to Book, Void and cancel bookings.
  • The ability for Travel Sub agents to request refund, reissue or changes to their bookings Offer meaningful reports.
  • Offer top-class support

Which are some of the best B2B web Travel portal in the Middle-east in 2022.

If you own a B2B travel agency, you must use the B2B travel web portal for ticketing and other services. The question now is which B2B travel web portal is the best of them all, therefore let’s get started and look at the list of Top B2B Travel Portals:

Akbar Travels Online 

Akbar Travels of India is the largest Travel Company in terms of the number of IATA-approved Branches, staff strength and business turnover. As per IATA records, It is the largest ticket issuer in Asia and number one in business volume and revenue generation. 

Alhind Tours & Travels 

Alhind Tours & Travels is the leading travel company with a strong presence in India and in GCC countries. It offers a complete travel management solution from planning to execution of your business travel plans, with a highly motivated professional team who strives to offer innovative strategies, strong commitment, and an insatiable quest for success coupled with the quality of services and selection of associates.

Airline web services by Sharaf travel

Airline web services is a subsidiary of Sharaf Travel established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a professional travel management company with experience in dealing with a broad spectrum of customers based on the expatriate population in the UAE and Oman. The strength lies in the consistent delivery of One Stop Shop to provide all services to customers & travel community. The travel company have an excellent relationship with the Government, national airlines, civil aviation & airport authorities. They have a passionate team that offers handcrafted experiences so you know you are in safe hands while making your business travel plans.


Gulfwings is a subsidiary of Arab Wings based in the United Arab Emirates. It offers Flight, hotel, insurance and Packages i.e, Theme packages And packages to Travel Destinations. They offer exclusive Visa services for B2B travel business, they offer leading travel visa Providers at cheap rates. Most of the services they offer are Online Travel, Inbound Tours, Outbound Tours, Flight reservations, Hotel reservations, Limo & Transfers, Travel Insurance, Visa Assistance, and Airport Meet & Assist. They are authorized by the Department of Tourism and Marketing in Dubai, which means we have proven our commitment to following the industry’s best practices.


Gulf voyager is the leading Travel service provider located in Saudi. They aim to help customers with the best options of flight tickets and discounted airfares to places around the world. Its strengths lie in offering multi-GDS content for Flights, Multi Hotel suppliers, and a multi-currency-supported b2b portal. Their speciality lies in providing online b2b travel franchise solutions to various travel agents, Destination Management Companies, and travel agencies which include flight booking, and hotel reservations among other services

Tarteeb Travel

Tarteeb Travel & Tourism is a new IATA-approved travel company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They aim to help customers with the best options of flight tickets and discounted airfares to places around the world. Its strengths lie in offering multi-GDS content for Flights, Multi Hotel suppliers, and a multi-currency-supported b2b portal. The travel company is managed by industry experts under the tutelage and supervision of Dr Nasser Al Tayyar, a pioneer in the Middle Eastern travel sector. The strength lies in the consistent delivery of One Stop Shop to provide all services to customers & travel community. 

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