Covid19 in UAE: List of Countries Ban Of Flights Are Not Restricted

covid19 in UAE

As Omicron infections taper off after an initial spike, a number of countries are recalibrating their travel rules. In a major policy shift during covid19 in UAE, several countries have scrapped the pre-departure PCR test for inbound travellers. The easing of restrictions for fully-vaccinated travellers is seen as a boost to international travel. Bahrain and […]

8 Types of Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

Businesses have been using points schemes, tiered programs and even paid membership loyalty programs to try and retain loyal customers, But some businesses decide to use only one model; Customer Loyalty Programs, while others may combine two or more. A loyal customer trusts that the brand will do the right thing for them and in […]

What Is a Hotel Reservation System And How Does It Work?

Hotel Reservation System

A hotel reservation system is a mechanism through which guests can create secure online reservations It is the hotel’s booking engine that essentially links up to their own website so that there are no additional fees incurred for the property. The guests can choose how long they will stay, the type of room they want, get add-ons, and […]

How to Choose The Right GDS: Amadeus, Sabre or Travelport

Choose The Right GDS

Every travel business requires a good global distribution system that caters to all of its needs and requirement which could greatly help your travel business to choose the right GDS which is the most suitable for your travel business. Global distribution systems are an extremely important and integral part of the tourism and travel industry. It […]

5 Must Have Features of Customer Loyalty Software For Any Business

Loyalty management software

Every business works with Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Trade Partners, Influencers who are an inseparable part of their business community. There are many types of Loyalty management software created by different brands from various sectors, which offer numerous features, both general and individual, to boost purchases. What is a loyalty management software? Loyalty management software is […]

What Are the Tasks of a Corporate Travel Management Agent?

Corporate Travel Management Agent

The job of a Corporate Travel Management Agent is to help companies organise travel arrangements for their employees. With the advent of latest Corporate Management Systems, It’s changing their role of a corporate travel agent who offer intelligent trip search and direct booking with the airline or hotel, as well as ticketing. Who is a Corporate Travel Management […]

5 Advantages of B2B Online Travel Portal for The Travel Industry

B2B Online Travel Portal

A Good B2B Online Travel Portal comprises advanced and robust features that not only allow travel businesses to achieve the Travel Company’s goals but also provide a fluid booking experience for the travel agents. With the rise in a huge number of travellers, it is difficult to manage a high number of bookings. A B2B […]

Key Features Of An Ocean Freight Management Software

Ocean Freight Management Software

When you are looking for a white-labelled enterprise-grade Ocean Freight Management Software, there are a few requisite features you must look out for before opting for one. Ocean Freight Management Software provides powerful and flexible collaborative tools to maximize productivity and reduce costs of Freight Forwarders. With such challenging market conditions and growing competition in […]

What Is Airline Reservation System? Everything You Need To Know

airline reservation system

A rapid increase in the number of airline companies has resulted in cut-throat competition in the airline industry. The companies were forced to adopt a solution that helps them in generating higher revenues, which led to the invention of the airline reservation system to meet these dynamic demands. What is Airline reservation system? The airline […]

10 Things Must Have Things In A Corporate Travel Management Solution

Corporate Travel Management Solution

When we are talking about managing the second largest spend in a corporate, it is never easy selecting the right corporate Travel Management Solution. It is challenging to satisfy all these three groups of stakeholders; CFOs, Travelers and Travel Admins when it comes to Corporate Travel. Travel Management Solutions have evolved a long way from […]