Why Travel Agencies Should Adopt White Label Travel Solution?

White Label Travel Solution

The white label travel solution is a pre-built portal with all the services API integrated and can be rebranded in the travel agency’s company name. All it requires is for a travel agency is to provide the domain name, choose the home page theme, logo, and payment gateway credentials. They can also manage all their financial transactions online and run numerous reports to aid the smooth running of their business.

White-label services are managed fulfilment services where a team from Company A can fulfil work for the clients of Company B. In other words, a white Label is a travel product or service which is created by one company but sold by another under their own brand name or logo.

White-Label Online Travel Portal

This White-Label Online Travel Portal comes with Third Party API Integration feature which easily integrates travel inventory (rates and availabilities) from global suppliers in travel portal or website of a travel agent to sell the hotel, flight, transfers, package, activity online with faster response and dynamic travel data to improve customer experience.

White-Label is a rebranded white label solution or product that offers the best website development with website design customized as per your choice. Travel Agents get the freedom to choose their own theme, upload their own logo, sell their preferred travel services, and much more.

Multilanguage and Multicurrency features are supported in White-Label to provide travel agents and customers with the convenience of online search and book functionality and travel options in their local language and currency to enhance customer booking experience.

White Label Travel API

White Label Travel API is also an important component of White-Label which helps travel agents and tour operators to get access to the broadest range of global travel content for flights, hotels, transfers, activities, restaurants, all in one user-friendly B2B/B2C Booking Engine Platform.

White Label API Integration is best suited for travel businesses who are looking for flight booking services, hotel booking services, transfer booking services, package booking services, activity booking services, restaurants, and car rental reservation services.

White label travel solution allows a travel agent to earn a lot of revenue, provide their customers with excellent services, all under the name of the client brand. White label travel solutions can enable you to use your business one of a kind branding to offer a product without putting resources into innovation creation around the solution. It helps you to concentrate on the brand your image and selling your services while simplifying the transformation way for your clients. It eases the work of the travel agents and makes the services accessible for travellers.

What Are The Benefits of White Label Travel Solution?

Travel agents who are looking for assistance with the development of a website that provides their customers with a simple and effective interface, the white-label travel solution will do just that:

Increase sales

The engaging, yet simple design that our platform offers will facilitate an improved customer experience, encouraging repeat users who will return to make multiple purchases over time.

Reach a new audience

An attractive, easy-to-use website and large inventory of travel products will enable your business to expand its reach and attract new customers

Personalise your brand

The name of your company, its logo and any branding you require will be incorporated into the platform, ensuring the site is tailored to your every need.

If you are a DMC, travel agent or professional travel organizer, looking for a travel solution, Systrix is the one-stop destination for all your need. We help you easily create your module with innovative technology and schedule creation simple. What’s more, our white label travel solution enables you to put your brand front and centre, expanding brand loyalty and client maintenance.

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