The COVID-19 pandemic has hit travel businesses hard, interrupting operations, inducing low consumer demand, and creating additional costs. It has prompted the need for travel and tourism companies to rapidly invest in digital strategies including the global Online Travel Industry which is expected to grow rapidly. Consumer behaviour has changed with customers now more likely to carry out their transactions online. 

Online Travel Industry Survey Shows More Moving Towards Online Travel Booking

In a recent survey, 78% of consumers reported to be ‘extremely’, ‘quite’ or ‘slightly’ concerned about visiting shops because of the COVID-19 risk. 24% of consumers used an online travel agent (OTA) the last time they booked a holiday, with just 7% of consumers using an in-store face-to-face travel agent.

Use of big data travel apps in Online Travel Industry

Many travel companies made use of these unique circumstances to accelerate their digital transformation, with customer-oriented technological solutions that tackled the challenges presented by COVID-19. The use of big data travel apps, artificial intelligence, and machine learning plays a major role in online travel companies’ strategies.

Better ensure survival of Online Travel Industry in the post-pandemic recovery

These solutions will better ensure survival in the post-pandemic recovery period. Perhaps the distinguishing feature of leading online travel companies is the integration and use of the latest technologies. Big data, travel apps, artificial intelligence, and machine learning play a major role in online travel companies’ strategies, with leading players investing heavily in these areas to meet evolving consumer needs.

Good B2B Online Travel Portal should have complex operations at the same time with the power of your entire travel business in one place so you can manage it from anywhere. The B2B Online Travel Portal system should be mobile responsive, user friendly and functional in addressing the need of the Travel Company and the Travel agents.

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