The Online Travel Booking and Hotel Reservation Industry are booming and people are relying more and more on the internet to book their flights and hotels. The travel industry has its own set of challenges too. Let’s walk through the challenges faced and see how to overcome the challenges, establish a profitable booking system & get the sales rolling.

1. Single Platform Multiple Booking Types

If you are willing to sell multiple types of products or services, It is important to select the booking type as per your business requirement. it seems to be a challenge to develop an online booking system that offers multiple types of bookings on a single platform.

2. Slot Management

What if you are planning a vacation & want to prevent bookings on specific days? If this is the case, you definitely require a system that lets you close certain dates to avoid bookings on those dates. This can only be achieved if your online booking system will have this feature to restrict bookings on specific days.

3. Booking Cancellation

If you offer booking cancellation, you will receive tons of booking cancellation requests too complex to manage. If you do not provide the cancel booking option, It might also result in a large number of no-shows with no option to cancel bookings. It’s beneficial to have a booking system in such a way that customers can request the merchant to cancel their bookings rather than offering them a direct cancel option.

4. Streamline Booking Process

Don’t let your buyers be confused once they visit your website to schedule appointments online. This is ultimately a real-time interaction between you & your buyers who visit your website to book the products or services. It’s important to build up your system in such a way that users find it easy to book products or services on your website.

5. Handle Customer Complaints

If you have an eCommerce portal, you have to deal with customer complaints. The customer may have a bad experience, It is important to provide the option on your booking website from where customers can raise their issues.

Our Experience in Developing Travel Booking Software

Systrix is the leading booking engine for travel agents. With over 40 years of experience in the travel trade, we are your 360º travel partner, We have years of experience in developing and designing b2c and b2b travel booking engines for various clients in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt. We are also experts in integrating with leading Global Distribution Systems (GDS) systems like Travelport, Amadeus, Sabre and third party XMLs APIs and LCCs (Low-Cost Carriers).

Systrix is a one-stop web services provider, deliver a cost-effective and feature-rich travel booking engine for travel agencies and companies. Looking for a customized solution for your travel portal? Contact us today!

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