Benefits of Hotels Using a Global Distribution System

The main purpose of a global distribution system is to help travel agents search for hotel accommodations that fit a set of criteria.

Hotel agents around the world use the Global Distribution System (GDS) as their major booking channel, which is also responsible for the significant growth of the travel industry. If you are a newbie travel agent or consultant, you will be probably wondering what is GDS is and why It is important.

What is Global Distribution System ?

Global Distribution System (GDS) is the brain of the travel industry. It is a computerized network system that provides real-time information to companies such as airlines, hotels, car rental and travel agencies. These sectors use GDS to view real-time inventory of services offered in the travel industry.

For example, using GDS, a travel agency can find the availability of hotel rooms, flight seats or cars on behalf of their clients and book through the same GDS. 

How a GDS works for travel agents

A Global Distribution System delivers data in real-time, so agents can determine which particular flights, accommodation, or other services best suit their client’s needs in seconds. These days it can be purchased on one platform, eliminating the hassle of booking each component individually, and it also alerts agents to limited-time sales, special rates, and promotional packages that further incentivize their use.

Major GDS

Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus represent the leading GDSs.

Benefits of connecting your hotel to the GDS

Here are some ways that it makes a hoteliers’ job more effective and efficient. Many specialized  in corporate travel use a Global Distribution System to get their clients booked quickly and efficiently.

1) Reach Market Segments Globally

The GDS can help hotel managers uncover new market segments to promote their services, and discover through the GDS that there are traveler market segments interested in the products which they couldn’t previously reach. It can often result in multiple nights stays.

2) More Revenue

Hotels generate more revenue through a GDS because it places the hotel’s information, availability and rates in prominent locations where it is easy for travel agents to find. It helps hotels maximise their bookings during any given time period while also reaching powerful travel markets that are willing to spend money in order to book the best room available.

3) Growth Opportunities

The travel agents are relying on the GDS to find the best places for their clients to stay. Every year, more agents are realising that this is the best way to easily connect with hotel properties from around the world, which causes an increase in use of GDS systems over the past 2 years:

4) Instant Updates

The agents have access to live rates and availability, and they can easily book rooms for their clients. The number of bookings generated through a GDS generally outpaces that of direct bookings. These days direct bookings are rising, and they do represent a significant amount of revenue for hotel operators, but there are still more bookings being generated through the GDS than through hotel websites.

5) Grow The Lucrative Corporate Segment

As a major access point for travel agents and large companies looking to book travel, GDS is an important mix into larger properties’ distribution channels. Improve your visibility to the one of the most profitable guest segment – the business client – and see your revenue grow.

This little piece of technology saves time and will lead to greater exposure for your property. All the buzz surrounding GDS is worth looking in to.

We often booking Travel Booking Engine which comes inbuilt with major Global Distribution Systems.

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