6 Hotel Technology Trends To Look Out During This Covid19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the state of affairs in travel industries, this has set the way for emerging trends and never before seen practices. it can be difficult to discern what trends are here to stay and what is not. We can’t predict what will happen in the future, but we can watch industry trends as leading indicators. there are some hotel industry technology trends you will certainly notice in 2021. The hotel virtual reality tours, chatbots, and widgets are widely applying at present.

Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the top & cutting-edge travel technology trends in hospitality businesses that will shape the industry in the coming days and transform the way hotels across the globe do their businesses.

1. Automated Entry and Exist

With the COVID-19 pandemic, most people tend to minimize contact with society for their safety, with the use of technology check-in and check out, one can easily introduce a smart lock that can be made hassle-free. The smart keys provide comfortable access to the visitors’ rooms which include different features like booking a restaurant, paying some extra bills, or reminding about the personal preferences to provide the perfect experience for any client.

2. Hotel Booking Software

The ability to book a room online is certainly a must for today’s hotel industry. It helps facilitate the booking process for your potential visitors but also helps the hotel staff efficiently track and manage it. With the implementation of SaaS technology software, hotel businesses can efficiently leverage such processes as booking, checking-in, and checking-out, tracking the working schedule, etc. It can benefit the business in many ways.

3. Hotel Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual Reality technology provides website visitors with a means to obtain a digital first-person point of view of your premises. Hotels are tapping into this phenomenon by using Google technology to create ‘virtual tours’, a method by which a hotel can give their potential guests a 360-degree walkthrough of their room options and facilities. It allows customers to explore different hotels and discover their accommodation. Many hotels still use this feature to persuade guests to book the apartments immediately. Now with the covid19 pandemic. Example here is a Virtual Reality videos by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, which fully present the technology implementation and

4. Emergence of Chatbots

A hotel chatbot is a form of digital technology, which can respond intelligently to human interactions, and which can be deployed on behalf of the staff. Many hotels have adopted this technology making it can easier for the customers. The most common preferences and requests are easily processed with the chatbots and transferred to the hotel’s appropriate department. It can be another advantage for boosting the customer experience and can reduce staff interaction.

5. Smart Recognition Technology

The smart recognition technology is fast catching up in hotels. It is going to be replace the old-fashioned key & lock, so it becomes much easier for your guests to enter the apartment and manage any process there on their without any staff interference. For hotel staff, they can minimize interaction with customer and yet provide them a wonderful experience.

6. Hotel & Restaurant Service by Robots

The hotel technology development is going to replace various tasks traditionally performed by humans. For example, the FlyZoo hotel by Alibaba has used robots to occupy the room service staff, provide the guests with all the necessary information, clean the rooms, and automate the routine processes to the extent possible.

As travel technologies develops with new innovation every day, reliable and up-to-date travel technology software will help you survive the competition, attract the attention of new customers, improve performance, and succeed. Talk to our hospitality experts today and start benefiting from the topic right away.

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