Every business works with Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Trade Partners, Influencers who are an inseparable part of their business community. There are many types of Loyalty management software created by different brands from various sectors, which offer numerous features, both general and individual, to boost purchases.

What is a loyalty management software?

Loyalty management software is software that lets you create, launch, manage, and track your loyalty programs. It helps you run your loyalty programs more efficiently. It is a marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of a business associated with the program. The customers typically receive either a discount on the current purchase or an allotment of points that they can use for future purchases.

How to choose the best loyalty management software?

Before making your choice, sketch out what goals should your dreamed loyalty management program meet, what mechanisms you want to set in place, and who is your target audience. You need to delve into the loyalty management software features before making the right choice. To help you with choosing the right software, this article will give you a concise list of features to look for in the loyalty management software of your choice. 

1. CRM system integration

To connect your campaigns with customer attributes, you need to make your customer loyalty program management system aware of them. This means that you need to sync it with your CRM software. The best reward program management software should be capable of storing every data relevant to your offered incentives.

2. Dynamic customer segmentation 

Dynamic segmentation adds your customers to the relevant segment based on their data. This means every customer that meets the requirements will be assigned to the appropriate segment and access the relevant campaigns. It helps marketers target specific customer segments in real-time, saving them time doing the segmentation manually.

3. Extensive rewards catalog

Your customer loyalty management software should support the following reward types:


Marketers should be able to define how customers earn points. The platform should support the most common shopping events, but also custom ones like points for social media activity or rewards for providing feedback. You should also have a possibility to choose between fixed and proportional points assignment.


the system should provide out-of-the-box milestones which marketers can use to build powerful reward programs. The milestones should be based on time, frequency, revenue, earned points.

Multiple Rewards 

Personalized rewards are the best engagement artifacts, your loyalty software should cover several types, including coupons, gift cards, stored discounts, cashback, loyalty points, or any “currency.” However, to control the promotional budget, program designers should have the ability to limit the cart volume and structure or set the reward expiry date. These parameters should be easy to tweak from the UI, so that marketers don’t have to bother the development team every time they want to modify anything in the loyalty program. 

4. Flexible eligibility rules

Good customer loyalty management software lets you set up fine-grained validation rules. It is not enough to set the rules and hard-code them once. You should be able to change them as you learn more about your customers and for special promotions.

5. Tiers, levels & gamification

Creating tiers can help make your customer loyalty program more interesting for the customers, adding a gamification effect. Customers could be qualified to various loyalty levels based on their purchases or custom events. 

How Systrix can help you build great loyalty software 

We have sufficient competencies to create fully-fledged customer loyalty platforms since both software development expertise and a deep understanding of loyalty management belong to our specs. Besides, our project managers and engineers can assist you in preparing terms of reference for your loyalty management program. Contact us right now to start your journey across the exciting development process of your tailor-made loyalty management software.   

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