5 Benefits of Freight Management System For Shippers & Cargo Companies

freight management system

A freight management System is organizing inbound and outbound goods for transport by coordinating the processes between all parties involved, consisting of carriers, distributors, vendors, and shippers to prepare, ship, store, and receive freight.

The logistics management should factor in other important tasks such as saving money, improving efficiency and making cost-effective changes to the supply chain. The best way to achieve this is with an advanced freight management system that can easily integrate with a transport management system.

For a freight management system, maintaining and cutting costs at the same can be a tedious task. This is why it is important to choose the right one and knows how to use it.

Here are the main benefits of a freight management system that these systems can bring to your business are

Cost Savings And Less Investment

A traditional logistics management system brings in huge costs in terms of invoicing and manual work, which can add up to as much as $11 per freight invoice when the overall costs would be significantly lower if an FMS is in place. The main benefit that using freight management systems can bring to your business is that it reduces freight costs. These systems use analytics and optimization and can provide suggestions that will help reduce costs without impacting the quality of the service you provide, helping to improve your bottom line while still providing a high-quality service.

Customization and Scalability

The freight management systems can be customized to your own needs and to suit your own supply chain as every business is different. It can work for hand in glove with carriers on projects that demand large shipping volumes. The Freight Management System comes with round-the-clock analytics and data to help businesses get a bigger pool of carriers.

Cloud Benefit

Earlier a Freight Management System used to be extremely cost-intensive. But today with a cloud-based program that the shipper can lease and use from multiple vendors. It gives access to remote locations and shipments and comes with its own IT team and experts. Such a system helps an organization scale gradually.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is important for all businesses. For Logistics, it’s important that consumer expectations are higher than ever. It provides an online portal so that customers can track their shipments and update their customers, plus the ability for you to locate where shipments are at all times allows you to reassure customers and provide accurate delivery times.

Improved Inventory & Warehouse Efficiency

Inventory and warehouse efficiency is critical to success in logistics, but these can also be complex areas with many moving parts. Using a  enables you to streamline these areas by tracking shipments and incoming orders so that inventory levels can be adequately maintained and inform you when you need to restock, plus there is less manual work to do in the warehouse due to less information having to be entered and less paperwork.

It’s important to have a high-quality freight management system that can easily be implemented and can bring many benefits to a logistics business. Every business should always be looking for ways to take their company forward in an effective and efficient way. Systrix’s Cargo Management Software is a smart solution that could help to take your company forward and allow you to compete at a higher level.

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