A Good B2B Online Travel Portal comprises advanced and robust features that not only allow travel businesses to achieve the Travel Company’s goals but also provide a fluid booking experience for the travel agents. With the rise in a huge number of travellers, it is difficult to manage a high number of bookings. A B2B Online Travel Portal handles bookings of this size but also make it easy to scale the business.

What is B2B Online Travel Portal?

B2B Online Travel Portal is an online booking engine and important component for every travel agent and provides a white label solution to get access to real-time online bookings and availability to travel agents and tour operators with the best user-friendly booking engine platform.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 Features to look for in the B2B Online Travel Portal:

1)  B2B Online Travel Portal: Simplified three-step search

Simplifying the search process is very important in today’s fast world. Most properties and inventories should be correctly mapped in the system. Searching, booking and paying should only take a few seconds and up-to-date data of hotels, airlines and their inventories should be available to the travel agencies on the go. Even capturing bookings outside working hours should be easier.

2)  B2B Online Travel Portal: Complete control over managing Ticket Booking

Travel businesses should also have complete control over assigning rights, assigning suppliers and mark-ups, sending registration and activation emails, reporting access control for agents and other such advanced agent settings. From searching existing bookings to viewing complete booking details in a row to viewing agent and supplier paid status to modify bookings to force cancelling and force rejecting bookings.

3)  B2B Online Travel Portal: Complete control over back office system

The back office is the heart of any Travel technology product. Managing back-office users, profiles and rights should be easy and it should have the functionalities for Travel agencies. The Managing payment gateways, exchange rates, preferred cities, nationalities, currencies, Offer, promotions, Markups, discounts should be included.

4)  B2B Online Travel Portal: Auto process, Cancellation, Scheduling

The travel agents had to open multiple supplier windows and check the discrepancies caused due to differences in rates, inventories and destinations. The introduction of auto reconciliation reduces the overhead involved in this process by giving the travel agents an option to view all the discrepancies in one place and find the variance for further dispute. This saves a lot of time as well as effort and removes the possibility of manual errors.

5)  B2B Online Travel Portal: The power of your Travel Company at your fingertips

Good B2B Online Travel Portal should have complex operations at the same time with the power of your entire travel business in one place so you can manage it from anywhere. The B2B Online Travel Portal system should be mobile responsive, user friendly and functional in addressing the need of the Travel Company and the Travel agents.

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