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Systrix IT is a leading travel software solutions company based in the UAE. It was established in 2008 with an aim to be the ‘Travel Technologies Specialist’ in the Middle East region. With its innovative software products, Systrix IT is recognized as the IT partner of choice to all the major GDSs and over 50 leading travel companies in the Middle East region, that use one or more of Systrix IT’s best-of-breed and market-leading technologies.

It offers solutions to streamline the travel business and enhance productivity, providing solutions such as the region’s first browser-based online travel accounting system, an integrated online booking engine and comprehensive online travel websites. All of the products are built in house from the ground up keeping ease of use, performance and data security in mind, by a team of expert developers. All of Systrix IT’s softwares use Microsoft’s robust and proven platforms such as ASP.NET. It delivers round the clock support for critical issues, with on the ground support personnel.

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  • Systrix IT rebranding exercise – with new logo and mobile ready responsive website
  • STP Plus now integrated with more than 20 suppliers
  • STAX v5 released, manages over AED 2 billion worth of travel business


  • Expansion into Kuwait
  • STP Plus is now mobile ready, with total deployments crossing 10
  • Total number of STAX users cross 500+


  • Development of STP version 2 i.e. STP Plus begins
  • First successful deployment of TCMS
  • Smart Travel CRM now integrated with travel websites
  • First mobile applications developed


  • Development of Helpdesk Solution (TCMS) & Smart Travel CRM begins
  • Total number of STAX users increases to 300+
  • Haj & Umrah module added to STAX
  • Awarded Google for Work partnership


  • Moved in new office on Hamdan Street
  • SMS solution (PNR SMS) developed and deployed for 10+ agencies
  • Total travel websites created and deployed crosses 50 mark
  • STAX v4 released with redesigned user interface


  • First successful deployment of STPv1
  • Systrix IT’s products now used in majority of UAE travel agencies (directly or indirectly)
  • Awarded partnership for Cisco & Cyberoam


  • Regional expansion into Qatar, Bahrain & Oman
  • STAX v3 is redesigned from the ground up to increase speed and stability
  • Development of STP Plus begins
  • Total number of STAX users increases to 150+


  • First successful deployment of STAX
  • STAX v2 released with new modules such as Holidays module, Cargo modules in addition to new dashboards and reports
  • Reward Management System (RMS) successfully developed & deployed
  • Total travel websites created and deployed crosses 25


  • Systrix IT Solutions established in Abu Dhabi, UAE with an aim to ease Travel Companies’ woes by bringing in new technology into the travel industry.
  • Development of STAX begins
  • Designed and deployed 10+ new travel websites in the first year itself